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With the vertical expansion of living spaces happening everywhere drying clothes in balcony has become a major problem . Practically its your balcony space which can accommodate your entire laundry load, moreover tying ropes and keeping clothes floor stand in already not so big balconies is troublesome and can be source of problem with neighbors.

Our range of Ceiling and wall Mounted hangers make drying your laundry so much more convenient. Mounting the clothes hanger on your ceiling makes for a truly unique way of drying your clothes while saving space at the same time, whereas wall mounted hangers can be used on open terraces and in utility balconies without wasting an inch of your floor space.

A ceiling mounted hanger is a popular form of indoor clothesline that is now becoming an essential daily usage product for people living in high-rise appartments,condominiums &flats.

Your ceiling and wall clothes drying hangers and racks are supplied with everything you will need, including a full working pulley system and an easy to follow installation guide. The rack ends, pulleys and cleats are made from high quality steel pipes to ensure durability and longevity .A full working pulley system which includes one double screw pulley, one single screw pulley, one cleat hook and 10 meters of strong nylon rope. Comes complete with a full set of easy to follow instructions and can be installed in most ceiling spaces. Professionally made steel pulleys with heavy nylon wheels supplied as a single unit and finished to the highest standard. Designed not to break or unscrew in the ceiling space, they can be removed in one piece and relocated if required.

Kept out of the way, our classic clothes airier will dry up to 30kg of washing in no time at all. With no need to run your tumble dryer, what's good for the planet is good for your pocket too! But don't just take our word for it, simply ask anyone who has ever owned a SMARTHANGERS™ laundry rack. They often say 'how did I ever manage without it? See below for a full product list detailing our entire range of Ceiling and wall Mounted Clothes drying hangers.